Potts 3 Peppercorn & Brandy Sauce


A combination of green peppercorn, pink peppercorn and spicy black pepper, complemented with a splash of brandy! Pour over duck breast or steaks for an instant dream dish.

Simply warm in the pan after you have cooked your steak and pour-over. Also great in a potato gratin.

Fresh meat

Store cupboard item | 250g


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Potts pride themselves on their kitchen cooking values; nothing in their range is mass-produced, and they ensure that all their products contain a high percentage of the key ingredients, not just token amounts. Everything is lovingly made to their own special recipes, using only the very best quality ingredients.



Ingredients: Milk, Water, Double Cream, Shallots, White Wine Vinegar, Cornflour, Brandy (2.3%), Sugar, Sunflower Oil, Concentrated Lemon Juice, Peppercorns (1%), (Green, Pink, Black), Garlic.

Contains milk. Suitable for coeliacs. Suitable for vegetarians.

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