Tuscan Sausages With Fennel


Unique and delicious authentic Italian Tuscan Sausages with a firm and meaty bite. Made with our secret blend of seasoning and plenty of fennel and garlic, they are very versatile and make delicious pasta dishes and casseroles.

Our Tuscan Sausage flavour profile is typical of the home-made sausages that are found towards the north of Italy, in particular around Lucca, Tuscany. They are good to use in any number of Italian recipes and because we use no rusk or bulking agent, they are gluten-free too!

Fresh meat

Delivered fresh | 550g Serves 4-5
Price per kg: £11.96


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We have a minimum order of £25.00 for sustainability reasons in order to minimise packaging, delivery & the environmental footprint.
Product Description


Our mouth-watering sausage selection offers something for everyone whether it’s 100% prime pork, beef or lamb. Tuscan Sausages are a rustic traditional Tuscan style sausage made from Rare Breed pork belly with added fennel, garlic, cayenne pepper and special seasoning mix.

Storage Information
Once you receive your order simply pop it into your fridge or freezer. For best results use fresh meat within 3 days or freeze on day of purchase for up to 3 months. Always thaw meat thoroughly before cooking and do not re-freeze once thawed.
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    ELAINE KNOX (verified owner)

    Proper meaty Tuscan sausages with 100% coarse ground meat and a real fennel hit. Made for a great italian sausage casserole, sausage onions red wine and polenta and when skinned a fanstastic boscaiola sausage and mushroom sauce. (not a breakfast sausage).

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