Gloucester Old Spot Maple Cured Back Bacon


Dry cured and cold smoked, our Maple Bacon is a departure from the wet cure and hot smoke you’ll find in most shops.

Pork belly is rubbed with maple syrup, black pepper and bourbon then hung to dry for about one month. It is then cold smoked over applewood to produce the unique, smokey, woody and sweet flavour.

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Delivered fresh | 400g Serves 3-4
Price per kg: £11.30


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We have a minimum order of £25.00 for sustainability reasons in order to minimise packaging, delivery & the environmental footprint.
Product Description


Our farmers Rare Breed Gloucester Old Spot pigs are born outside and spend their entire lives outdoors with the freedom to roam in large paddocks, rooting around in the sandy North West soil. By burning more calories they grow at a much slower, more natural rate so the pork acquires a greater flavour and succulence.

Storage Information
When your bacon arrives simply pop it into your fridge and cook before the use-by date or save for a later date and store in the freezer.
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