Cold Pressed Rapeseed Oil


A subtle nutty delicious oil that’s just as good for dressings and dips as when it’s used for cooking.

10 x more omega 3 and half the saturated fat than olive oil.

Cold-pressed rapeseed oil has a mightily impressive profile when it comes to nutritional benefits. Among many other things, it contains plant sterols and is a rich source of vitamin E, a natural antioxidant.

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Wignall’s Yallo rapeseed oil is 100% cold-pressed, meaning it’s made using a ‘press’ to squeeze the oil out of the seeds, retaining all the natural flavour. It’s then simply filtered and bottled. Only products labelled as ‘cold-pressed’ are naturally processed without the use of heat and chemicals.

What is Rapeseed Oil?

You may not know too much about this healthier oil, but you’ll surely be acquainted with the plant. Rapeseed oil comes from the seeds of the one and only oilseed rape plant; that of the sunny sea of yellow flowers fame. It turns the UK golden every spring.

Rapeseed oil is the only oft-used culinary oil widely grown and bottled here in the UK (Wignalls is made in Wigan, Lancashire). Other vegetable oils, like olive and sunflower, are mostly imported.

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