Champagne & Strawberry Cheddar Bomb


Finest cheddar cheese infused with the dry, yeasty tang of champagne and rounded off with sweet strawberry notes, it sends little pleasure bubbles to all your taste buds.

A unique Lancashire bomb from Shorrocks Cheese, with a crumbly, cheddar-like texture in champagne and strawberry and smoked flavours. Made with pasteurised milk and suitable for vegetarians.

Fresh meat

Delivered fresh | 230g Serves 3-4


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Product Description


Celebrate in style with strawberries and champagne, this elegant twist on a classic celebration treat is perfect for any occasion.

The Shorrock family have been making Lancashire cheese for generations. Enjoyed with its brother, champers, or any good white wine, this cheese is ideal as an after-dinner or anytime nibble when you’re feeling in need of pampering.

Storage Information
When your cheese arrives simply pop it into your fridge to keep cool and enjoy before the best before date. Not suitable for freezing.
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