Blacksticks® Blue Cheese


A juxtaposition of bright, creamy, mellow cheese with a hint of irresistible blue bite.

Blacksticks Blue is a golden-hued blue cheese with a creamy texture and a buttery, distinctive bite.

The colour is obtained by the use of Annatto which is a natural product of a South American shrub and the cheese is pierced to create the beautiful blue veins. A Lancashire classic that has been known to be called ‘the daddy of all blue cheeses’.

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Product Description


Blacksticks Blue is a farmhouse soft blue-veined cheese made from pasteurised milk of the Butlers family herd of pedigree cows. Rightly been depicted as the “daddy of blue cheeses”, it is handmade at the Butlers’ Inglewhite Dairy in rural Lancashire.

The cheese is aged for about eight weeks during which it develops a distinctive amber hue along with a delicious creamy smooth yet tangy taste. It is soft enough to spread on to a slice of bread or cracker as well as used in cooking.

Storage Information
Keep refrigerated and enjoy before the pack use by date. Not suitable for freezing.
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