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Sriracha Shredded Chicken Tacos

Crunchy and wholesome, with a hint of Sriracha spicy goodness these tacos are perfect for a Summer evening. A little bit of crumbly feta to top it off and you have a super easy, quick, and healthy delicious dish!

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    • 1.Preheat oven to 190°C.
    • 2.Place the chicken breasts on a baking sheet and top with Sriracha. Bake for 30 minutes (or until they're fully cooked).
    • 3.While the chicken is baking, heat the tortillas up (optional).
    • 4.Top each tortilla with chopped red cabbage and chopped peppers.
    • 5.When the chicken has finished baking, shred it and place in the tortillas.
    • 6.Top each taco with feta cheese and a drizzle of lime. Enjoy!


    • 2 thinly sliced chicken breasts
    • 2 tbsp Sriracha
    • 6 corn tortillas
    • 1 cup chopped red cabbage
    • 64g chopped peppers
    • 64g feta cheese
    • 1 lime

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